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Specializing in transforming white pine logs into quality lumber and building supplies.

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About Us

Gregory Log & Lumber Ltd. supplies ethically sourced Ohio white pine lumber and building supplies to do-it-yourselfers and professionals. With singular service, we specialize in your custom project.

Located in Holmes County, Ohio, Gregory works to ensure customers’ projects are completed efficiently with affordable and durable Ohio white pine. Gregory mills high quality lumber to your specifications, or has the right product for you that is ready to install.

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Ohio White  Pine

Ohio white pine has been a sought-after building material for its aesthetics, strength and workability since the outset of the first American colonies. The natural and intricate patterns of knotty pine create visual appeal. And because Ohio white pine requires only a minimal protective stain, its natural look can be retained. A soft wood, Ohio white pine is durable and prized by woodworkers for its workability and affordability.

Gregory mills high quality Ohio white pine lumber to your specifications and manufactures building supplies for barns, cabins, home remodels and additions and even that dream home. Whether it is custom or commercial, when it is made using Gregory’s Ohio white pine, it is made to endure.

Ohio White Pine
Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Gregory Log & Lumber Ltd. is entrusted by the community to sustain Ohio white pine as a renewable resource. Gregory is committed to environmentally sustainable practices and  believes the trust the business is built on starts at home in Holmes County, Ohio.

At Gregory, no logs are wasted and any parts of the log that are not used are recycled. Tree bark becomes mulch, excess wood is chipped and sent to a processing facility to become pressed wood pallets and shavings are collected and packaged to become animal bedding.